Seize the moment with Krzys Sundey....


Perfectly Imperfect 26.11.2021
Krzys Sundey

“Seize the moment, be brave”, sings Krzys on “Confusingly.” It’s clear she’s taken her own advice in this E.P. - but it's an invitation to her listeners too. With such a depth of emotional and musical exploration on offer, this is music that invites you to take the time to get lost in it. As Krzys says, “I want my listeners to slow down and take a pause from a fast-paced daily grind and enjoy sustainable music. I want them to soothe their souls with my music; to realise that we are all interconnected in some way, rather than being alone.”

Born in the Philippines with German, Polish and Spanish roots and now based in Berlin - from which, as a working airline pilot, she regularly travels the world - Krzys’s borderless identity and lifestyle reflect an equally borderless sense of curiosity, openness, and empathy.

While the inspiration of neo-soul icons like Erykah Badu and Sade is clear, Krzys’s lo fi pop drifts seamlessly through different lyrical and musical moods, at times embracing retro sounds as well as a crystal-clear, contemporary production style. Title track “Perfectly Imperfect” breezes effortlessly from stark acoustic brightness to fully realised pop production in order to tell a bittersweet, complex love story where “only memories bind us now”, the ballad-like “Goodbye Little Girl” celebrates rites of passage over emotive piano and driving minimal rhythms, “Kiss of Eternity” transforms from minimal neo-soul to epic power-pop without missing a beat, while the irresistible groove of “Confusingly” underscores a powerful message of self-understanding - “confusingly, I’m trying to love myself”. In the emotional “No Call – dark”, a starkly electronic sound-world offers carefully structured musical shifts, providing the basis for poetic lyrics which, with unflinching honesty, tell the story of a final phone-call - a powerful image of grief, loss, and acceptance. The E.P. ends with “No Call – light” the tune of which opens the gate to a promising new day.

Her upcoming E.P. was created mainly in collaboration with celebrated jazz singer San Glaser as well as producers Arnd Geise and Paul Timmich, with Krzys’s individual artistry and irrepressible creative energy firmly at its centre.